Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media announce the launch of new web platforms leading into the 2019/20 financial year, as both companies work towards servicing the mining industry in their respective sectors.

Worthy Parts was founded in 2014, by Michael Worthington and wife Jaymi, after the mechanical workshop supervisor developed a business model aimed at minimising waste and catering to the growing demand of sourcing hard to find parts and machinery in the mining industry.

Michael’s business concept has focused on providing the mining industry with a website that would create opportunity for businesses to sell outdated stock, and source hard to find parts, as well as provide an opportunity for businesses to advertise their services.

During the growth of the Worthy Parts platform, Michael recognised the company’s requirement for more qualified staff members and has since grown the Worthy Parts team to include 9 trade qualified sales team members to aid with the industries growing needs.  

Five years into the company’s growth, Michael and wife Jaymi released the much-anticipated redeveloped national services directory, with the aim to provide advertising opportunities to service providers working on ground level of the industry.

The cost-effective platform grew from January of 2019 and provided enough evidence to demonstrate the industry’s need for further developed media platforms aimed at the service sector.

Industry Link Media bridges the location gap between service providers across Australia, whilst still focusing on the promotional opportunities first boasted in the concept of the original business model.

The 12-month growth of the Industry Link Media platform saw the development and implementation of the inaugural WPIL Auction & Expo in 2018.

It was at the success of the first series of networking events that Michael and Jaymi made the decision to split the two companies, in order to continue servicing clients at a high capacity in the different aspects of the sector.

The media outlet aims to provide advertising opportunities at cost effective prices, for the services sector of the mining industry via a directory, news outlet and social media strategies specialised at providing resourceful information to the industry.

The launch of the new platforms formalises the division of the two companies comes at the announcement of the groups relocation from its Broadwood street workshop in Kalgoorlie, to a larger premises that will cater to its workshop requirements, freight and transport requirements and provide the Industry Link Media an office location to work with clients.  

With the Worthy Parts brand expanding rapidly past the borders of Australia, catering to the international market, and the announcement of the second WPIL Auction & Expo, Michael recognised the needs for both companies to have their own identity.

“The two brands have successfully worked hand in hand as the growth of Industry Link Media over the past 12 months was backed by the already established Worthy Parts brand”.

“What we recognised is that the Industry Link Media outlet could provide clients 
around Australia with an opportunity to have their business put on display in a physical and digital arena”.

The Worthy Parts brand works to source hard to sell and source parts or machinery across mining sectors globally and requires its own identity to do just that.

The division will become official as of July 1st, with the relocation of the companies into a bigger premise whereby they’ll be able to service both sets of clients and their requirements.

Worthy Parts has continued with a fast growth with the introduction of teams and offices in the east coast and in Perth.

Both companies are now recognised in their respective sectors within the mining industries and the formal announcement will be made at the 2019 WPIL Auction & Expo.

To find out more information about the separation of Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media, please visit www.worthyparts.com

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