As of November 8 2021, Western Australia had 61.6% whom had received two doses of the COVID19 vaccine while 77.6% had been administered with their first dose.

Increasingly the ability to perform duties in Western Australia and the rest of the nation, if not the world will require a mandatory COVID19 Vaccine. WA will ease border controls once a 90% double dose vaccination rate is achieved. This is forcing the hand of employers to take measures to adhere to government requests which is dividing the population. It seems recently Tier 1 Mining companies have taken the lead and adjusted mine site access.

Being part of the on site resources sector, recently our teams at Worthy Parts have been advised that Group 1 Industries and occupations will be required to have the vaccine. Daily, Worthy Parts receives correspondence from several mine sites in WA regarding the vaccine and requirements for site visits. Generally, sites will only allow access for contractor and visiting personnel whom have received their first dose of an approved COVID19 Vaccine by December 1 with full vaccination completed by December 31.   

The Chief Health Officer has deemed certain occupations and industries are at risk of  COVID19 exposure. Thus mining is deemed critical in WA and these stipulations have been put in place. It’s not just mining, but other industries as well.

This all forms part of the government road map to ensure our State can ditch the borders and we can revert to what we call “normal life”

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