Worthy Parts are proud to support the Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association. As part of this sponsorship, The EGCA supports the Aboriginal Artwork Middle Stump Initiative.


According to Clint Dann, AAMSI Owner and Founder “AAMSI is an ‘Acknowledgment to Country’ initiative, using the Middle Cricket Stumps, in Cricket. AAMSI is not an Aboriginal Cricket initiative. The AAMSI is for all Australians and we are hopeful, everyone will respect and embrace our Australian history, dating back centuries and centuries, that details the cultures and dream-time stories of the first Australians, on those Middle Cricket Stumps. AAMSI is Reconciliation” he said.

The symbolism of using the Middle Stump is recognised within the AAMSI Reconciliation Action Plan whereas

  1. The first stump that is banged into the Pitch, is usually the MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS
  2. In this act, by banging in those AAMSI MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS first, this act strongly supports an ‘Acknowledgment to Country’ as it reflects and respects the first Australians in the process
  3. The reason the MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS were chosen for this initiative; is because the MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS represent the first Australians – the ATSI peoples
  4. AAMSI MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS tell the stories of the first Australians; the ATSI peoples
  5. AAMSI MIDDLE CRICKET STUMPS tell the local ATSI people’s stories and cultures, local to where Cricket matches are played; culturally appropriate protocol; and
  6. The AAMSI in NOT connected to Aboriginal Cricket; the AAMSI is for all Australians to embrace, enjoy and celebrate our Australian history.

Worthy Parts Director Michael Worthington said he was proud to be able to support a great initiative via the sponsorship of the Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association “Having the EGCA take part in the Aboriginal Artwork Middle Stump Initiative helps our cricket community to further play a part in acknowledging the first nations people of our area. AAMSI helps assist our community to engage further in culture and spread the ideals of reconciliation.”.

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