Have you ever tried to order something from your normal supplier and the goods aren’t in stock? Yes!

Have you ever rung around different states or regions for hours on end chasing up parts or professional services?Yes!

Have you ever thought to yourself – There needs to be a website out there dedicated to our industry where people can list their excess parts, NEW products and professional services online cost effectively? Yes!

How many businesses out there in the mining, construction or repair industry would have a store room or laydown yard of excess or idle parts? Many I bet!

How many suppliers of NEW parts, NEW products or REBUILT equipment have racks full of slow moving or DEAD stock? Many I bet!

Who knows that you have got these goods? Maybe our local customers or our own employees.

What do you eventually do with all these products? Auction, scrap metal bin, written-off, given away!

Do you get your money back? Not even close most of the time!

Why not list your products for sale on a NEW website dedicated to the mining, construction and repair industry to get some of that money back? How does it work?



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