Worthy Parts are delighted to announce the successful completion of apprentice Tarj Kelman’s journey to becoming a qualified Heavy Duty Mechanic. Tarj’s story with the Worthy Group began in 2020 when he joined as a trade assistant. He then transitioned through Worthy Parts and continued with Worthy Engineering after the acquisition of Boyes Equipment Services in 2022.

A well-liked member of the team, Tarj has embraced every aspect of his HD Mechanical training with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Now, eager to share his knowledge and experience, Tarj is grateful for the opportunity to mentor first and second-year apprentices, much like the guidance he received when he first joined Worthy Parts.

Reflecting on his time with Worthy Group, Tarj expressed his appreciation for the supportive culture and the fulfillment that comes with being a trade-qualified team member. “It’s been great to now be able to guide first and second-year apprentices, just as the trade-qualified team members did for me when I first joined Worthy Parts,” he said.

As a family-owned and operated company, Worthy Group holds a special place in Tarj’s heart. “Working for Worthy Group as a family company reminds me of being at home. It’s a wonderful family company, and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.”

One thing Tarj has noticed is the shift in footy club loyalties “When I first started, it was 8 Kangas (Kalgoorlie City Football Club) boys and me… now we have a few more reds (Railways Football Club) coming in, which is great to see.”

Managing Director Michael Worthington praised the company’s commitment to providing local apprentices with opportunities to become qualified tradespeople. “Our business model allows workers such as Tarj to progress from an entry-level position to a valued team member. This pathway, similar to the ones many of our team have gone through locally, is very important to ensure local jobs are kept with local people – something Worthy Group is proud to show and support.”

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Established in 2014, Worthy Parts is an internationally recognised platform for sourcing and selling parts, components and machinery across the mining, earthmoving, and construction industries.

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