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How’s business for you? We hope it is as good for you as some of our customers! The mining industry is currently full steam ahead and many opportunities are presenting themselves for contractors, repairers and suppliers. Steady demand for HD Mechanics and Mining labour gives us confidence that the market has stabilised.

This month we were happy to help out several of our clients who experienced major breakdowns. We were able to source and freight the parts direct to mine site, which got their machines back to work quicker than the expected new parts were to be delivered!


Kind regards,
Michael & Team,
[email protected]
(08) 90217182


Air compression serves both domestic and industrial purposes. Regarded as the forth utility after water, gas and electricity, air compression plays an every day role in our lives. Widely used in both the home and for industrial purposes including mining applications, construction, mechanical repairs, food processing, electronics and health care industries to name a few. READ MORE →


Worthy win for lake view cricket clubWorthy win for lake view cricket club

Incredibly proud of Lake View Cricket Club’s stellar season of Goldfields Cricket this year! The guys won the Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association’s A grade Champions Grand Final at Sir Richard Moore Oval. READ MORE →

Mitch kerr preps for season of motocross in WAMitch kerr preps for season of motocross in WA

With five events coming up Team #183 Mitchell Kerr is getting prepped for a busy season of Motocross, be sure to mark the dates in your calendar and give Mitch your support! Wishing you well in the season ahead READ MORE →

Kangas football club annual gold game!Kangas football club annual gold game!

It’s on again!! The annual Gold Game for the Goldfields Children Charity! Get around this Kangas crew and pack the place to see the out there Brownlow Medalist, ex Collingwood bad boy Dane Swan at the Kangas rooms Saturday 6th May READ MORE →


CAT R1700II 4LZCAT R1700II 4LZ CAT 972H Tool Carrier with attachmentsCAT 972H
Tool Carrier
with attachments
CAT 966GCAT 966G
Caterpillar 988H BucketCaterpillar
988H Bucket
CAT D11 Counter Weight AssembliesCAT D11 Counter
Weight Assemblies
CAT D10 Counter Weight AssembliesCAT D10
Counter Weight
CAT 3406 R2900G EngineCAT 3406
R2900G Engine
CAT R2900G Rear and Front AxlesCAT R2900G
Rear and
Front Axles
CAT R1300 Lift Cylinder 155-4539CAT R1300
Lift Cylinder
CAT AD55 Ejector cylinders 189-3826CAT AD55
Ejector cylinders
CAT R1300 Tilt Cylinder 154-6904CAT R1300
Tilt Cylinder
CAT R1300 Steer Cylinder 154-6907CAT R1300
Steer Cylinder
CAT R2900G Steer Cylinder 173-9477CAT R2900G
Steer Cylinder
CAT R1700G Steer cylinder 180-8500CAT R1700G
Steer cylinder
Boge CLD7 5.5Kw 19cfm BOGE With Integrated Dryer Screw CompressorBoge CLD7
5.5Kw 19cfm BOGE
With Integrated Dryer
Screw Compressor
Boge C15-LDR 11Kw Direct Drive – 15hp Screw CompressorBoge C15-LDR
11Kw Direct Drive –
15hp Screw Compressor
Boge S24-2 18.5kW Rotary Screw CompressorBoge S24-2 18.5kW
Rotary Screw
Boge C10 L Screw Compressor 7.5kWBoge C10 L Screw Compressor 7.5kW Kaeser AS 31 102 cfm 7.5 bar screw compressor 18.5kWKaeser AS 31 102 cfm 7.5 bar
screw compressor 18.5kW
Kaeser BS 51 25-40Hp Screw CompressorKaeser BS 51 25-40Hp
Screw Compressor
CSX90 90 kW Screw Compressors Overhauled (2017)CSX90 90 kW Screw
Compressors Overhauled (2017)
Champion CSD55 55kW Screw CompressorChampion CSD55 55kW
Screw Compressor
Champion E40 Compressor 30kW (40HP)Champion E40 Compressor
30kW (40HP)
Atlas Copco SF11 Oil Free Scroll CompressorAtlas Copco SF11 Oil
Free Scroll Compressor
Compair 6150 N 692 cfm 150HP (112kW) Screw CompressorsCompair 6150 N 692 cfm 150HP (112kW)
Screw Compressors
Compair 540 cfm 125hp (93 kW) Screw CompressorCompair 540 cfm 125hp (93 kW)
Screw Compressor
Express EB-10 Base Mounted Screw CompressorExpress EB-10 Base Mounted
Screw Compressor
Express ED-20 Base Mounted Screw CompressorExpress ED-20 Base Mounted
Screw Compressor
Express EDR-20 Screw Compressor 15kW (20hp)Express EDR-20
Screw Compressor
15kW (20hp)

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