Australia produced 157 tonnes of gold to the end of the June quarter, with 74 tonnes in the March quarter 2021 and 83 tonnes in the June quarter 2021. This compared with the reported Chinese output of 153 tonnes for the same period as reported by Surbiton Associates. Gold Mining in Australia

“We shall have to see what happens to gold production in the next six months, both in Australia and in China,” said Dr Sandra Close, a director of Surbiton Associates. “It was reported that Chinese gold output was adversely affected by work accidents including deaths, with shut-downs resulting while investigations took place.”

Australia’s largest gold producers for the 2020-21 financial year were:

Cadia East                764,895                      Newcrest Mining Ltd

Boddington                700,000                   Newmont Inc

Fosterville                  592,178                     Kirkland Lake Gold Inc

Tanami                       481,000                     Newmont Inc

Super Pit                    478,439                     Northern Star Resources Ltd


With details from Surbiton Associates

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