The Worthy parts process

Your single account linking your company to global supply options

  • Solution – Asset disposal – Worthy Parts key area of business is acting as the solution to asset disposal, transacting within our centralised asset trading business model – allowing clients to easily sell and source parts and machinery.
  • Supply options – Worthy Parts supply parts to clients from their storage facilities, where they have wrecked over 75 sought after machines.
  • Single link – Worthy Parts in partnership with sister company Industry Link has successfully built a network of service providers across the greater regions of Australia and internationally. This aids in the disposal of assets for clients as Worthy Parts has access to a wider link of network connections.
  • Disposal and purchasing – Worthy Parts utilises its process of centralised asset trading to work with clients in both the buying and selling of assets.
  • Diversified – The Worthy Parts team comprises qualified industry trades people with diverse industry experience.
  • Funnel – Worthy Parts has built a complete physical and digital sales funnel that works hand in hand. The sales team utilise both a physical and digital platform to move assets along.

Centralised Link to All Purchase & Disposal Needs

Marketing Platform

Worthy Parts – along with sister company Industry Link, has spent the last five years developing consistent, high ROI delivering platforms to assist with the promotion of assets for sale. These platforms have contributed to the sale of assets to a global network of mining professionals and service providers.

The platforms we utilise in the promotion of asset sales are:

  • Worthy Parts website
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter (16,000 industry contacts)
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Machinery magazines
  • WPIL Auction

Industry Link is a media company that supports and provides advertising opportunities for services providers in the mining industry. Industry Link was developed off the back of the Worthy Parts network.

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Centralised Asset Trading

Worthy Parts Model offers clients a rounded solution when it comes to the sourcing and selling of parts and machinery. The internal capabilities that the worthy parts team can offer are based on a centralised asset trading model. The Worthy Parts team are qualified in their respective departments with a high level of industry experience.

Worldwide Network

Worthy parts commenced designing the Industry Link platform in 2014, and has since developed an internationally recognised network for industry professionals to utilise and leverage to promote their services.


Worthy Parts is a member of the IEDA. IEDA is a recognised professional association for reputable independent used equipment dealers and companies. The organisation’s principal role is to serve as a forum to connect qualified dealers, build relationships and foster ethical business practices. IEDA provides resources, tools, education and support to members worldwide.

Certified Machinery Appraisers

Director of the Worthy Parts Group, Michael Worthington, is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA), allowing Worthy Parts to provide the best valuations on assets for clients.

CMEA is an advocate of the appraisal, not of any person or entity. We are the experts at locating and determining substantiated values on the equipment. We uphold and promote the ethics and reporting guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). A CMEA’s Certified Machinery and Equipment appraisal is defensible, substantiated, and will withstand scrutiny! That’s why CMEA is called upon by business owners, lenders, CPAs, lawyers, courts, adjusters and others for a qualified and substantiated CERTIFIED appraisal of their machinery and equipment.

WPIL Network and growth

The combination of Worthy Parts and Industry Link provides a global connection to all clients within the Worthy Parts brand. The combination of these two businesses has allowed the company to grow and expand to cater to all areas of the mining industry – ensuring that each area gets equal results.

The WPIL Auction and Expo offers service providers a physical arena to network within whilst the auction brings organisations and clients together to sell or buy assets.